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Ecobalk specializes in the construction of houses from profiled beams of its own production. The key to our success - an individual approach to each client, confidence in their partners and, of course, the high level of professionalism. Ecobalk designs and builds wooden houses from profiled glued beam of its own production, using only high-quality raw materials and the latest technology. Our factory located in Smolensk produces profiled beams and molded products for the construction and finishing of wooden houses. At your service team of experts ready in the shortest possible time to design, manufacture and assemble a house that meets all your needs. For several years we have been leaders in the production of wooden structures in our region. Over the past two years the range of products manufactured by us has expanded considerably. Now we offer such wooden products as permanent houses, guest houses, summer houses, garages and sheds, bathhouses, gazebos and barbecues, wells, garden furniture, aviaries and kennels for dogs, fuel briquettes. Map of our supplies: Moscow region, Belgorod region, Voronezh region, Orel region, Lipetsk region, Kaluga region, Volgograd region, Kaliningrad region, Sochi, the Republic of Belarus.
Ecobalk - a company with many years of experience in the field of low-rise suburban housing.
We are pleased to offer you:
  • Houses from profiled beams.
  • Cottages and garden cottages.
  • Guest houses and baths.
  • Garages and sheds.
  • Gazebos and cabins - barbecues.
  • Wells and garden furniture.
  • Booths and aviaries for dogs.
  • Flange beams and other structures.
  • Fences of any complexity.
Наше Our enterprise is:
  • Wide geography of product deliveries.
  • Modern high-precision equipment.
  • Quality products.
  • Only professional specialists.
  • A complete production and construction cycle - from wood sawing to finishing.
Partnership with Ecobalk is:
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Confidence in high quality products.
  • The unique system of discounts.
  • Optimal quality-price ratio.
  • Saving your time.
  • Execution of all its warranty obligations.
Why us?
So, our company offers you comprehensive low-rise construction services, namely the manufacture and installation of permanent houses of profiled beams in the Smolensk region. We have long established a reputation in the market as a reliable company with only professional staff.

We offer you to build houses of profiled bar. Why this material? Profiled bar, at the moment - this is the most popular material in Russia. Construction with it allows you to work at any time of the year. In such a house will be cool in summer and warm in winter. Not only can the timber easily "breathe", but also filters the air, which is important in today's environment. There are various projects of bar, and the technology of production allows you to deliver only the right size material, which will accelerate the rate of construction and reduce the price of material, while these constructions do not require expensive foundations.

Despite the fact that our company builds housing not too far from the capital, the prices will please you. They are not cheap (remember, there is no such thing as cheap quality construction!), but they are quite affordable. We do not inflate the price of the material, because we are constantly working with reliable manufacturers. We do not hire architects "from the outside". We have specialists on our staff who not only offer you many of their designs, but also help you create a new project designed specifically for your home.

Also we take into consideration that the average temperature in January is -10°С, in July +20°С. There is an average rainfall of 500mm per year (25-30% - in the form of snow). The design of your house will be created taking into account whether you want to live in the country cottage permanently or it will be a summer house.