House manufacturing of profiled timber

Owning a wooden house fundamentally changes a person's mindset.
First of all, a man in his own house is a free man.
Wood is the traditional material for the walls of low-rise buildings in Russia.
We carry out a full range of work
At this phase all thoughts are put on paper and sketching is made
The concept of the idea
The outlines are developed into a finished project, which will be directly manufactured
3D visualization
A huge engineering work is being done. All drafts, diagrams and documents are developed
Working documentation
Years of experience
Our knowledge is a guarantee of success
About Us
For us, a house project is not a set of documents, but a living organism, which becomes an extension of its owner throughout life (c)
The work on the project can be considered complete only when the fireplace is lit in the living room and the host feels at home.
Houses of prof-bar
Easy to use material, for the manufacture of which is used dried natural raw materials from coniferous wood
Garden houses from prof-bar
Walls made of profiled dry laminated veneer lumber are the most comfortable for living.
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