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Ecobalk - low-rise housing construction
Ecobalk is a company with many years of experience in suburban
low-rise housing construction.
Ecobalk specializes in the construction of houses from profiled beams of its own production. The key to our success - an individual approach to each client, confidence in their partners and, of course, the high level of professionalism.
Oleg Kotov, CEO
About Us
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Who are we? What are we doing?
The company "Ecobalk" designs and builds wooden houses from profiled beams of its own production, using only high-quality raw materials and the latest technology. Our factory, located in Smolensk, produces profiled beams and molded products for the construction and finishing of wooden houses. At your service team of experts ready in the shortest possible time to design, manufacture and assemble a house that meets all your needs. For several years we have been leaders in the production of wooden structures in our region. Over the past two years the range of products manufactured by us has expanded considerably. Now we offer such wooden products as permanent houses, guest houses, summer houses, garages and sheds, bathhouses, gazebos and barbecues, wells, garden furniture, aviaries and kennels for dogs, fuel briquettes. Map of our supplies: Moscow region, Belgorod region, Voronezh region, Orel region, Lipetsk region, Kaluga region, Volgograd region, Kaliningrad region, Sochi, the Republic of Belarus.
We are pleased to offer you:
  • Houses from profiled beams.
  • Cottages and garden cottages.
  • Guest houses and baths.
  • Garages and sheds.
  • Gazebos and cabins - barbecues.
  • Wells and garden furniture.
  • Booths and aviaries for dogs.
  • Flange beams and other structures.
  • Fences of any complexity.